Britney Spears Nearly Misses Flight, Gets Special Treatment from American Airlines

Though Britney Spears has certainly had a rough week, she got a bit of help from American Airlines on Friday.

Ms. Spears arrived at Miami’s airport late for her American Airlines flight to Crazytown (or wherever she was going).  When she got to the gate, the door to the plane was already closed.  So the gate agent did what she would’ve done for any passenger (except you), was call the pilot, said that Britney Spears needed to get on the plane, and could they extend the walkway back to the plane and allow her to board.  The pilot, just as he would’ve done for anyone (except you), said, "of course."  She made her flight and arrived in Crazytown just in time for her uneventful weekend.

(Thanks to Today in The Sky for the head’s up):


  1. I think she needs help, Big Time. As far as special treatment. No way Jack! With the money she has, she should purchase her own plane. AA should not give her special attention. She has made a shambles of her life. I worry about her kids.

  2. Right on. I think the fact that she is flying AA and not a private jet (rented or owned,) shows she’s headed down hill.

    I also have a feeling she’s not really raising the kid. Either her mother or a nanny is. Someone’s got to be watching the babies while she’s out partying.