JetBlue Will Reimburse Delayed Pasengers, Sort Of

JetBlue announced the full details of its delay reimbursement program (DRP, though I just made that up), offering passengers payments that vary from $25 flight vouchers to free round trips based on the length of the delay you face and whether you’re already on a plane or not.  Most of the payments only kick in if the delay is not caused by weather or air traffic control holds.

This is reminiscent of a similar scheme from long-gone (a division of also long-gone Rosenbluth International) where if a flight you booked on their site was delayed, they would pay you ($100 for a 30 minute delay, up to full reimbursement for a 2-hour delay). 

In any case, this should mark the last of my posts on the JetBlue matter.  Carry on…

UPDATE:  The full details of the JetBlue passenger bill of rights say that they will make "take the necessary action" to deplane customers if a plane is on the ground for five (five!) hours.  Even then, there’s an out:  "JetBlue Captains have discretion if the aircraft is positioned and almost ready for take-off."  The financial payouts are nice or whatever, but 5 hours?  That’s news?  We won’t hold you hostage for more than five hours, unless the captain decides he wants to?  That’s the big news?  (Well, no, the payments are the big news.  It’s a nice gesture.  But 5 hours?)


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