JetBlue Code Share and 11 Hours on Tarmac

Some JetBlue passengers were stranded for as along as 11 hours on the tarmac at JFK as they waited out a winter storm.  Yes, 11 hours.  In their defense, well, uh, there is no in-their-defense (you can read the official statement here.)  The airline said that they’ll give a refund and an additional free flight to any passengers stranded more than 3 hours (there were about 10 flights delayed that long).

In unrelated JetBlue news, the airline announced summer service to Nantucket, which is interesting primarily because during non-summer months they will have a code share with Cape Air, to offer customers connecting service to Cape Cod and nearby islands.  Airine watchers (?) have oft-discussed JetBlue’s codeshare plans, and I can assure you nobody thought Cape Air would be the first.


  1. I’d love to know the mentality that allows these “trapped on the plane” incidents to occur with some regularity at various airlines. Are there just gaps in common sense in the flight ops departments?

  2. NW airlines left passengers on the ramp in Duluth for 10 hrs. last Sept. AA left passengers on the ramp in Austin last Dec. for over 8 hrs. The lack of decision making personnel onsite at the airport, means that a flight can be stranded indefinitely while the problem makes its way up the chain. It just reinforces the image that airlines are indifferent to passengers’ comfort and safety.

  3. Same thing happened in Boston last night. No supervisors would talk with passengers, nor reveal why flight was being cancelled at last minute after being told at checkin that flight was hear and on time to depart. No problems with Denver airport or Boston. Lies and total disregard for thier passengers will be their demise…..appropriately so!

  4. At least it wasn’t the 30 plus hours of this flight…