Flight Attendant Fired for Alleged Mid-Air Sex with Ralph Fiennes

A Qantas flight attendant may be fired for having an alleged sexual encounter with Ralph Fiennes in a first class bathroom while she was working.  The flight attendant disputes the charge, saying she went to the bathroom after having a conversation with Fiennes and that he followed her in.  The odd (well, another odd) part of this is that Fiennes was on his way to India to promote safe sex practices.  Perhaps he was practicing.


  1. Is this just because of Ralph Fiennes? Do you think if she had sex with someone else it would have been ok?

  2. She could’ve had sex with George Clooney and that would’ve been OK.

  3. Who really cares who she had sex with. Maybe her co-workers are jealous??

  4. That, Allie, is a brilliant point. I had forgotten to mention in the blurb that the flight attendant was turned in by her co-workers. Brilliant!

  5. I guess I should update this story (it is, after all, the week’s Anna Nichole tabloid story for the airline biz). It turns out that the lavatory relations were consensual. And now the fa is planning on telling her story. For money. Just like Anna Nichole would. You’ve got to love America. Or Australia. And Ralph Fiennes, too. What a great safe sex “ambassador.” Spread the love, baby.


  6. Her co-worker turned her in because she would have sex with Ralph but not with him. (No link, but it IS possible, isn’t it?)