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Pacific Wings Vs. Mesa

Here’s an obscure one:

Pacific Wings, which flies in Hawaii and has been beaten down by competition from Mesa’s Go! entering the market, is trying to get back at Mesa.  How?  They’re going to enter the intra-New Mexico market, which Mesa dominates, relying on the government’s Essential Air Service subsidies.  Have you fallen asleep yet?  No?  Good.  Pacific Wings says they will serve some of the same routes (Albuquerque to Clovis, Albuquerque to Silver City), but will not require subsidies.  These routes will be flown in a 9-seater Cessna.  Comfy!  Without the subsidies, Mesa would likely have to abandon the now-profitable and now-government-subsidized routes.  Who ever thought that a fight over Lihue-Honolulu would shift to a fight over Albuquerque to Clovis?

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  1. i fly pacific WIngs every week. Great little airline. They do not compete with Mesa though. They announced to the media in 2004 that they intended to eliminate the subsidy because of congressional efforte to kill the EAS program. Now they want to get into business of turning EAS communities from subsidized to not. Between Hawaii and New Mexico they will save US taxpayers over $5M. Not bad for a little airline. Who cares what the motive is? I’m just glad thy’re doing it.

  2. I’d be wary of welcoming Pacific Wings with such open arms. Their customer service leaves a bit to be desired, based on my family’s experiences in Hawaii with them.

    My family was stranded on Molokai by them, at the bottom of that big valley. The family had tickets but the plane left early, with us ticketed passengers!

    According to the folks working at the airfield/airport, this is not an unusual occurrence. I think I’d rather pay more and know that I’d be getting better service.

  3. I have flown Pacific Wings several times a week for the past year and have had nothing but excellent service! I have family on Molokai and everybody there LOVES to complain about everything… If you are late for your flight they will leave you, but not a problem for me becauae I always arrive 30 minutes early.