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JetBlue and American to Improve Cabin Interiors

JetBlue and American Airlines have (separately, of course) announced that they are updating some of the interiors of their aircraft.  American will spend $20 million to update the business and first class cabins on their 767-200s (the planes they use for transcon flights), to put in new seats and video-on-demand.  Good stuff.

JetBlue, meanwhile, will add a whopping 4 inches of pitch to the first 11 rows of their A320s, giving you 36 inches of legroom (more than United Economy Plus) in those rows (and 34 inches in the other rows).  They’re taking out a row of seats, which you think would be a financial issue, except that with fewer seats they can use 1 less flight attendant, saving a signficiant amount.  You’ll now have 5 more inches of legroom on JetBlue than you will on Continental.  And, even more ridiculous, Continental’s first class on their transcon 737s only has 2 more inches than that.  Makes me re-think my choice of carrier to the west coast…

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  1. The legroom will be nice but the service will not be — one flight attendant for every 50 customers. It’s an interesting choice. My guess is that most pax would prefer the legroom (since in-flight service is pretty bad anyway, and perhaps the reduced crew will simply have to work a bit harder), but who knows.

  2. I thought you were gonna rant about how horrible this is for the poor flight attendants.