No Toothpaste, No Heisman, No Water

Yet another solid story about airport security:  Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith shipped his trophy home to Columbus because airport security would not allow him to bring it into the airport.  I don’t know specifically why they wouldn’t allow it, but I’m guessing it’s because several airplanes have been hijacked with the Stanley Cup.


  1. The last time a player tried to have the trophy on the plane with him the Trophys’ finger was amputated by the airport scanning device. Albiet declared “safe” for flying it was not safe for the trophy.

  2. an excellent point. perhaps at the time you were not allowed to bring fingers on planes, adn that’s why it was amputated.

  3. Very Disappointed

    Did you read the story? He elected to have it shipped b/c the last OSU player to win the award (Eddie George) got his trophy stuck in the x-ray machine and the finger got bent. They decided to ship it to avoid a similar incident.

  4. Mildly amusing: I had linked to an earlier version of the story that had suggested he didn’t take it on the plane because he wasn’t permitted to. oh well.

  5. a likely story

  6. Hm…that IS what someone would say if they were lying. And your response is what someone would write if they were responding to someone lying. Very suspicious.

    Wait, what were we talking about?