China’s Airports to Scan for Liquid Explosives

US airports tend to portray themselves as the pinnacle of security, but you may be surprised to hear the China has taken a giant leap over most other countries.  China will gradually install 147 state-of-the-art machines that can scan for liquid explosives.  I know all of you prefer not being able to bring your water through security, but these machines will (likely) eliminate the ridiculous situation we now have where you can bring 3 ounces of liquids blah blah blah.  The scanners cost about $200,000 a piece, and I have no idea why the Chinese can invest in these and the US cannot.


  1. While flying within Japan earlier this year (before the UK liquid scare), the screeners took my bottle of water and put it in a special machine, presumably to determine its contents. Not sure why this technology hasn’t gotten more attention in the US media.