Man Loses Stinky Lawsuit

(thanks USA Today):

A German court has ruled that British Airways did not have to pay compensation to a man who stunk so badly that he was removed from his Los Angeles to London flight shortly before takeoff.  The passenger, who said he stunk because he had to carry his bags in the heat prior to the flight, was asked to change shirts by flight attendants, who were alerted to his ripeness by other passengers.  The smelly guy had no clean shirts with him (they were in his checked baggage), so he was asked to leave the flight (much to the happiness, I must imagine, of the person sitting next to him).  The man may still appeal.


  1. You’ve see the deodorant commercial where the guy walks into a club and the women part like the red sea to give him space? The tag line was something like “if you stink, it wouldn’t matter if you actually were the last man on earth”.