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It Keeps Getting Uglier in Hawaii

The fight between Go! Airlines and incumbent carriers in Hawaii is getting personal.  CEO Jonathan Ornstein received a t-shirt from workers at rival airlines that included anti-semitic slurs and "kiss my Hawaiian ass" written on it.  A spokesperson for the group who sent the t-shirt (from an Island Air Fedex account, so it was obvious where it came from), said "emotions are running high," which is a nice way of saying, "we’re anti-semitic, but we shouldn’t have written it on a t-shirt."  As Ornstein said, that’s the Aloha spirit.

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  1. I love that they used the jewish equivalent of “my father’s gay” to defend themselves.

  2. michael johnston

    I have lived and grown up in Hawaii, and have had to deal with out of control interisland flight costs for basically my whole time here, except when a new airline arrives, then for a time, prices come down, temperarely. If people working for any given airline are angered that the hawaiian market has allowed for another carrier, maybe they should be lobbying for socialism or another form of economics. Another option might be to attack their unions for aggressively lobbying for higher wages and benefits, which drive up the cost for consumers and in result bring new and possibly more affordable airlines into the state. Hawaii air prices have been getting more and more ridiculious every year. Can’t we have a short break??? By the way, a gallon of milk costs 5.50. I think I’m going to go brand “Go Home you Spotted Cow” on the first milk cow I see.