Qatar Airways to Fly to New York

I don’t usually bother talking about route expansion, but Qatar Airways’ announcement that it will fly to New York is significant.  Middle Eastern airlines have grown rapidly and profitably, in a way we haven’t seen anywhere else in the world.  Etihad, Emirates and now Qatar Airways have nonstops to New York (Emirates has 2 nonstops a day), connecting the Arab world to the US in a way that can only help relations between the two regions.  Plus, nonstop flights mean people are not flying on European airlines to these destinations – a huge change (not in a good way, obviously) for incumbent airlines in Europe.  3 years from now, Etihad, Emirates and Qatar will be as well known as Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa — and probably more profitable.


  1. Don’t forget….Royal Jordanian has been flying to the US since the mid 1970s and has had non stop service to JFK since 2002

  2. An excellent point…I should not have implied that Emirates & Qatar were the first/only Middle Eastern airlines flying to NYC.

  3. its a good practise if western airlines can travel to mid. east and get profitable then why not mid eastern airline do the same by providing much better services and neds of the people ,so lets enjoy the healthy competition

  4. Before the US Embargo against Iran, Iran Air had been flying to JFK in 1970s and now IR is flying 18hr flight enroute Tehran-Damas-Caracas…