Posts Next Week

Hi all…Posts next week may be sporadic as I’m going to Qatar and India, where I’m speaking at the EyeforTravel Travel Distribution India conference.  The OTR’s going on the road.  I will, of course, let you know if anything interesting happens. 


  1. I’m not knocking it til I try it. I’ll let ya know…

  2. For some reason you are left off the list of speakers:

    The list includes such dignitaries as Senior Exec., TBC, of Google and of course the Group CEO,
    from Cox & Kings.

    Heh heh.

  3. It’s a typo– it’s supposed to be Senor Exec. He’s the CEO of Google Mexico.

  4. Hi Jared

    I am anxiously awaiting word of how the EyeforTravel Conference in India went. Are you going write a blog? I actually contacted someone to send me a copy of the conference proceedings, but have not heard back yet. Anyway, looking forward to some feedback and probably others as well.

    Take Care,