Singapore Airlines to Upgrade Seating

The airline seat wars will take another step up as Singapore Airlines has announced that they will upgrade seats on their 777-300ERs (these upgrades were scheduled for the A380, but since Singapore is now rumored to be considering dropping the A380, here are the seats).  First class flyers will enjoy a 23 inch LCD screen and 35 inch wide seats.  This is just ridiculous.  Business class has a 15 inch screen and 30 inch wide seats, while even economy will enjoy a 10 inch screen and wider seats.  British Airways and Delta have also announced significant seat upgrades in the past weeks.

Interesting that as US airlines have boosted their international schedules to take advantage of higher fares, they’re running into stiffer competition on the product side.  Delta’s learned pretty quickly that you have to invest in product to compete internationally.  More competition and better product can only be good for business travelers.

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