To Sell More Blankets, One Airline Cranks Up the Air Conditioning

Travel Weekly has a pretty good article about how low cost airlines are using sales of ancillary items (food, entertainment, mortgages, etc) to boost their bottom line.  An interesting note from the piece:  one Asian low cost carrier (Air Asia?) cranks up the air conditioning in its cabins when sales of in-flight blankets aren’t good enough.  I sorta have to respect that…


  1. Until someone with high blood pressure suffers a stroke when they add salt to the food to boost drink sales.

  2. Yikes! Can we trust these people with control of our oxygen? :-)

  3. Assuming this story is true — it sounds a little like an airline industry “urban legend” — the flight attendants were apparently freelancing to boost their commissions. It would not seem to be the airline’s policy to lower temps to sell blankets.

    Obviously, this type of strategy (if it’s true) would be outrageous, and should not be tolerated. That said, I do think there will be more ancillary services/goods sold on airlines in the future, especially as improved communications systems enable impulse, at-seat shopping (and perhaps gambling).