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Albatros Airways Stops Flying

Albania’s unfortunately named Albatros Airways has been grounded, after 2 years in business with the worst airline name ever.  The president of the airline seems to suggest that the company was sabotaged in some way and that all of its passengers were moved to a rival airline.  We may never get to the bottom of this…

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  1. It may seem an unusual name for an airline company, but with an exception that it is considered as such only from the viewpoint of the American culture. Indeed, the Balkans would recognize Albatros – the bird- as the one being the strongest and the only one to fly even at bad weather conditions. As such, it is not perceived at all as a name bringing bad luck or whatever funny / crazy attribution some people from another culture might think of. As for the problems between the airline and the government, one should better look at the political situation inside Albania and then decide to give a correct answer, given that even the government has not been able to justify its actions based on legal grounds and the case is brought at the appropriate legal institutions. It is a fact that Albania is still going through its political transition to democracy and free market and debatable cases do not only include Albatros Airways but also many other businesses. The focus should be rather on the major problems related to a transparent and democratic functioning of the Albanian state, where unlawful political, economic and psychological pressures should not be at all tolerated by any of the state officials.