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Bonnie Tyler’s Song Causes Air France Lawsuit

I’m not sure I even understand this:  Bonnie Tyler, whom you may remember as the singer of "Total Eclipse of the Heart," was flying from Paris to Mauritius on Air France.  So far so good.  A flight attendant tells her that the co-pilot is retiring, and asks if she would sing Total Eclipse of the Heart for him.  She obliges.  Fast forward to today, when a broup of Belgian passengers on the plane have filed suit against Air France saying that, "they were traumatized by the experience and had feared for their safety during the celebration."  There ya go.

(Thanks to View from the Wing for the head’s up)

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  1. i think what bonne did was brave the stwertess woke her up. sure she was tireed. so it was the stewates fault not bonnies bonnie was fast asleep. bonnie had every right to sing its a free countty..

  2. OK Jerad, I love your sight and I love Ben Mutzabaugh’s blog over at USA Today, but it sure seems like reads your posts early in the AM and puts them up on his blog shortly there after. Can you shed any light on this?

  3. I’ve done plenty of, um, borrowing from Ben’s site (though I always mention when I do). As he’s never written to me, I don’t know if he actually reads Online Travel Review so I’ll assume he’s just reading the same sites I do and finding similar stories.