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Indian Traveler Barred from Alitalia’s Business Class

A man who makes his living as a scavenger in Delhi’s garbage dumps was not permitted to board his business class Aliatlia flight to Brazil because he "did not look like a businessman."  The passenger told Alitalia staff that a charity had purchased him the ticket to attend a waste recycling conference in Brazil (no coach seats were available, he said).  Alitalia’s employees told him that they believed the ticket was stolen and kicked him out of the airport.  I have no idea what the key takeaway is from this story, but if you are a homeless person with a business class ticket on Alitalia, you may want to shower before the flight.  Or something like that.

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  1. This makes no sense. Did the ticket not have his name on it?

  2. It had his name on it, but Alitalia believed the ticket stock was stolen (you may or may not remember that Tony Soprano’s mother was involved in a scam to steal blank ticket stock as well. Perhaps she sold it to this guy…)