So, What’s Going to Happen to the Airline Industry?

You may be wondering if the airline industry will collapse with the London events as it did after 9/11.  The early indications appear to suggest that the airlines will be just fine.  American put out a release saying that they’ve seen nearly no cancellations today (bravo to the American public for not overreacting to this).  This is a great sign that the industry will weather this storm just fine. 

If anything, I like to think we’ll all be a bit safer because of this.  Despite today’s events, it’s pretty incredible that with all that’s going on in the world, air travel is as safe, reliable and inexpensive as it is.  And no matter what your politics, it’s amazing to think that the police were able to find out about 20 random people in the world plotting to blow up an airplane and stop them before it happened.  For all the times you’ve had to remove your shoes, or you’ve seen airport security patting down a 92-year-old woman — for all the ridiculousness that we’ve dealt with for 5 years, it’s good to see that they truly are paying attention to what matters.  Sure, Northwest can’t keep 9,000 turkeys alive (see story below), but they can keep all of us alive.  And that’s all that counts.  Unless you’re a turkey.

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