The Gucci Bag and the Ballpoint Pen

Two stories of nutty passengers getting kicked off planes yesterday:

A woman on a Cathay flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo refused to put her Gucci handbag under the seat in front of her during takeoff.  The plane had already begun to taxi when she got into an argument with flight attendants, causing a delay of an hour.  The plane returned to the gate, where she was arrested. 

In other news, a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Little Rock was diverted to Tulsa when two men got into a fight involving a ballpoint pen.  The details aren’t so important, but the photo on this page of the, uh, assailant, is kinda priceless.


  1. Oh what a shock. A guy on a Southwest flight getting arrested while wearing jorts.

  2. There’s apparently video of it. How come we don’t get that?

  3. I went to YouTube and I couldn’t find the video there. Then I decided that you guys could find it on your own.