Cheap Flights to Iceland this Summer

Icelandair usually has great fares in the winter to Iceland, but they’ve just introduced a great sale for the end of the summer.  Flights start at $412 round trip beginning in mid-August.  That’s about half what it cost to fly there in July.  You have to sign up for their frequent flyer club to see these fares listed under "Lucky Fares."


  1. So, is the new dad going to bring the little one to Iceland? Before you freak out: I’m a new dad too and remember you saying that you wouldn’t be able to go someplace with a great deal sometime back in spring ;-)

    I did go to Iceland and it’s great. I think we paid 314$ round trip to Paris per person. We stopped in Iceland for 3 days on the way back (the let you stopover for as much as 7 days for the same price). I loved Iceland. I’d move there :)