What Happens If You’re Denied Entry Into a Country?

The guys over at Airliners.net have answered a question I’ve always (sorta) wondered about:  If you fly to another country and, for whatever reason, you’re denied entry, who is responsible for the price of the airline ticket back home?  Turns out the airline is, even if it’s your fault.  This actually happened to a friend of my family (went to Brazil, was never told he needed a visa, was sent home from Sao Paulo after 11 hour flight), but I never knew the actual policy.  Now you know.  And that’s one to grow on.


  1. I’ve heard about this policy before. Obviously, it’s to put the onus on the airlines to carefully check the documentation of their pax so ineligible folks aren’t dropped on the doorstep of countries who don’t want them.

    But in practical terms, how does this work? Say your family friend paid 800 bucks for his roundtrip ticket. He got sent home. Does he get his 800 bucks back, or half of it, or nothing since it’s a partially used ticket? Does the airline let him acquire his visa and fly him back again for free?