Southwest Pilot Suspect of Being Drunk

Southwest Airlines is known for its laid-back attitude, but sometimes it’s apparently a bit too laid back.  A Southwest pilot was arrested at Salt Lake City’s airport on Sunday after security staff smelled alcohol on his breath.  Airport police removed the pilot from the cockpit minutes before his departure to Phoenix.  The co-pilot continued on without him.  Sober.


  1. Sounds like their notorious Hotel Contract Specials of 3-2-1’s got them in trouble. I knew it would eventually and probably will again. In case you don’t know–the hotels that Southwest uses gives the crews $3.00 mixed drinks, $2.00 wine and $1.00 draft beer–all known as 3-2-1’s. They party hard on their layovers.

  2. I think that would be 1-2-3. Also the reports are the co-pilot drank two beers at a movie theater near the hotel. All facts point to him not drinking during the FAA legal 8 hours before rule. He also blew three times and was in the legal each time. HMMMMM. TSA blew it again. Too bad they dont do their payed job.