Air Canada Loses Dog, Then Runs It Over

Air Canada lost a passenger’s dog at Halifax airport last month.  The animal escaped from the airline’s handlers as it was being loaded into an aircraft.  Following the escape, airport and airline workers tried to find the dog on the airline’s property.  Unfortunately, the animal was located a couple of days ago after an Air Canada A320 struck the dog on the runway.  To the airline’s credit, a spokesperson said that they carry more than 100,000 pets each year without running over any of them.  The streak had to end some time.


  1. A comment on this from an Air Canada employee. Pets getting lose is a very rare circumstance, however it DOES happen. In my experience, often the kennels the passengers check in are not in top shape. They have been known to come apart during travel. There are also cases where the dog is, needless to say, a “nervous flier”, and goes crazy on the journey. Kennels tend to be made of plastic, and NOT all metal. There was a case on an American Airlines flight in 2002 where a dog broke free from it’s kennel and ransacked the cargo hold of the Boeing 757. The aircraft was damaged and was grounded for 9 days.

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    Pets as checked baggage are treated with the utmost care. Maybe some people should leave their pets at home or in a kennel when they travel?