Does Jet Airways Have Terrorist Ties?

This is an odd one:  India’s former Civil Aviation Minister has told India’s Prime Minister that Jet Airways, one of India’s largest airlines, has close links to terrorists.  According to the former official, Jet Airways has been a "steady recipient of large dubious investments originating from Gulf
sheikhs" and had intermittent contacts with "underworld dons Chhota
Shakeel and Dawood Ibrahim to settle financial disputes."  Strange, right?  As you might imagine, Jet Airways had no comment.

Meanwhile, its takeover of Air Sahara, another large Indian carrier, is now in doubt (unrelated to the terrorist thing) and the largest airline merger in India’s history may not take place after all.  There are conflicting reports about the reasons the merger may fall through, though it appears Jet Airways has decided it wants to pay 40% less than it had offered originally and has now gone to the courts to stop Sahara from filing suit.  It’s quite a soap opera if you care about this stuff…

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