Malaysia Airlines to Cancel A380 Order

If you’re sick of reading about the A380 situation, then you can skip this story (though it’s today’s only story, so suck it up, my friend):  According to Air Transport World, Malaysia Airlines is going to cancel its order for 6 A380 aircraft after the recent delays were announced.  The article also notes that at least one other airline is seriously considering cancelling their order as well.  Malaysia Airlines hasn’t been in the best financial shape lately, so the manufacturing delays may just be a handy excuse, but the A380 doesn’t have a ton of orders to begin with, and it hardly needs more bad press…I’m sure they’re gloating over at Boeing.


  1. Adolfo Pedregosa

    A lean and mean airline is the bandwagon these days. The lumbering A380 is not an option if airlines want profits. Airlines should concentrate on 2 engined long range airliners.