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What’s Happening with Virgin America?

If you’re like me, you wake up every single day wondering what the hell is happening with Virgin America.  You’re not like me, I hope.  But if you are, there’s a bit of an update:  they’re not going to launch until at least early 2007.  Continental Airlines has filed complaints against Virgin America, suggesting that its ownership is not sufficiently US-based (there are laws about what percentage of an airline’s ownership must be based in the US).  Virgin America’s CEO says, not surprisingly, that this is nonsense.  While I appreciate Continental doing whatever it can to quash its competitors, I don’t appreciate it trying to quash competition.  I expect more from them (though I have no idea why), and it’s about time they let Virgin America compete on fair terms.

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  1. Given the decades long obstacles the British have placed in CAL’s path to serve Heathrow, I see no reason why CAL should not “pay back” the favor by rigorously enforcing the domestic ownership rules on a British-controlled airline.