Spirit Airlines Low Business Class Fares

Spirit Airlines has a sale on their business class fares and they’re extremely reasonable:  New York to LA is about $500 round trip (even cheaper midweek), while New York to Florida is about $350 round trip (again, cheaper midweek).  Spirit’s business class is roughly on par with domestic business class on the larger carriers, so this really is a steal.  (though let me note that, at least right now, if you go to Spirit’s homepage, you’ll see an ad that shows a woman lying next to a man and she’s saying, "loved those extra 6 inches."  I’m at least as rude and immature as the next guy—probably more—but I mean, come on.)


  1. Depends on who the next guy is.

  2. I agree — it’s one thing to be feisty, but this is over the top. BTW, as the ad’s popups continue, they say “Admit it — size does matter.”

    I guess they’re not trying to be a “family airline.” :

  3. Apparently this is not the first time Spirit has used this sexual innuendo to advertise their business class. Somehow we missed it last year!