Continental Takes Aim at JetBlue, Others

Continental’s president Jeff Smisek gave a rather candid speech yesterday at an investor conference where he pretty much bashed everyone he could think of.  The article has the details, but he noted that Continental did not "follow our competitors in a race to the bottom to achieve a crappy product."  Knocking JetBlue, he added, "They are a low-cost carrier, they are also an
extremely low-RASM carrier, and their customers don’t pay them a penny
to watch those I Love Lucy reruns. … It is a wasted investment in my mind."

He also didn’t hold back from criticizing partner airlines, saying that Delta’s international expansion will cause them to "lose their shirts." 



  1. A younger Bethune, maybe. :

  2. They ARE an extremely low-RASM carrier. It’s crazy! I mean how can your RASM be that low and you still be expected to carry? You can’t. You just can’t carry if your RASM is so damn low. I know it, you know it and know everyone knows it.

  3. You tell little Johnny that he can’t fly because his daddy’s RASM is too high.