2,000 Jets Parked in the Desert

It is a slooooowwwww news morning in AirlineWorld, so the pickins were slim this morning. Which is why I’ll tell you that there are about 2,000 aircraft still parked in the desert waiting for some nice family to take them home. This number is way down from the months following 9/11, but if you’re looking to own a gas guzzling L-1011 of your very own, now may be the time to jump in. As noted here before, it could make a nice house.


  1. You need to market yourself as an aerospace industry consultant. That’s much cooler than online travel blogger.

  2. Funny, I was thinking this morning that Jared doesn’t really cover all forms of travel, just air travel and the occasional vacation package that involves air travel.

  3. what could possibly be cooler than online travel blogger?