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Why You Can’t Take the Subway to LaGuardia Airport

If you live in New York or have visited here, you may have wondered why there was no subway from LaGuardia to Manhattan.  Are we the largest city in the world without train service from the airport to the city?  Perhaps…

Anyway, here’s why:  New York’s Transit Authority had earmarked $600 million to connect LaGuardia to Manhattan but after 9/11, those plans were put on hold.  However, lots of people got their hands on the money.  So now, instead of convenient train service to the airport, we’re getting a commuter train station at Yankee Stadium and a bus depot in Staten Island.  It’ll make more sense if you read the story.

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  1. So we’re gonna just look past the fact that until 2000 it was ok that there was no subway from NYC to LGA? Come on baby, you’re better than that.

  2. It’s absurd that there isn’t a subway to Laguardia. Or even LIRR. There is a #7 subway stop and an LIRR stop at Shea stadium. I can’t see how it could be that difficult to extend either one to the airport.

    Then again, it’s ridiculous that there is no direct train from Manhattan to JFK. You should not have to change trains in Jamaica to get there. The A train could have been extended.

    BTW, when the Van Wyke Expressway was built, a corresponding rail was proposed and Robert Moses would not allow it to be built. One of the engineers then, (1950’s?) predicted with good accuracy the high cost of building the airrail in the future as an add on.

    So, as anyone who has read ‘The Power Broker’ knows, many of these types of problems can be blamed on good ol’ RM.

  3. For a compelling look at how Robert Moses bungled transit and destroyed neighborhoods throughout NYC, see Ric Burns’ PBS documentary, “New York.” It’s 14 hours but most of it is fascinating.