US Airways to JetBlue: You Suck

US Airways and JetBlue are in a bit of a pissing match after JetBlue’s CEO said that passengers in Charlotte have "overpaid for substandard service," a likely reference to US Airways.  In response, US Airways’ CEO sent a letter to employees that can be viewed here.  In it, he says that JetBlue’s problems are "serious and structural" while adding that JetBlue’s on-time record is far worse than that of US Airways: "To characterize arriving late in JFK with a TV in front of you as
better service than being on-time in LGA…suggests that JetBlue may be looking at the wrong service

It’s worth a read…


  1. I think he makes a very good point about the on time thing (late with tv…). In fact, I would go so far as to give him a well played. Well played indeed.

  2. the alligator was denied, Doug E Travel

  3. us airways sucks. jetblue will outlive them. the statistics prove it

  4. ok, so, yet again they have SCREWED ME!! thats THREE TIMES in ONE week!

    in retaliation, I have started a myspace page on US AIRWAYS SUCKS!

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