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Security Detains Passenger Because of Led Zeppelin

Thanks to Today in the Sky for this good one:

A passenger was detained at a small British airport because he asked his taxi driver to play Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song and London Calling by the Clash.  I wish it made more sense than that, but it doesn’t.  The passenger, who was on his way to tiny airport in Darlington for a flight to London, asked his taxi driver to play those songs off his MP3 player.  the taxi driver, who was suspicious of the song choices (for reasons I can’t figure out), reported the passenger to security as the airport.  Police then detained the man, who missed his flight. I’m not sure what the lesson is here.  I guess sometimes there isn’t one.

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  1. He was under suspicion of not updating his musical tastes from high school. A serious crime against the arts.

  2. The same guy was also arrested for buying Steve Miller’s Greatest Hits.