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The Titles of Emirates

There’s an amusing little piece in this week’s New Yorker that talks about the odd list of titles you can choose from when you sign up for a Skywards frequent flyer account with Emirates Airlines.  While most US airlines stick with the boring "Mister/Misses/Miss", Emirates offers the following options:

Admiral, Air Comm, Air Marshal, Al-Haj (denoting a Muslim who has made
a pilgrimage to Mecca), Archbishop, Archdeacon, Baron, Baroness,
Colonel, Commander, Corporal, Count, Countess, Dame, Deacon, Deaconess,
Deshamanya (a title conferred on eminent Sri Lankans), Dowager (for a
British widow whose social status derives from that of her late
husband, properly used in combination with a second honorific, such as
Duchess), Duchess, Duke, Earl, Father, Frau, General, Governor, HRH,
Hon, Hon Lady, Hon Professor, JP (justice of the peace?), Judge, Khun
(the Thai all-purpose honorific, used for both men and women), L Cpl,
Lt, Lt Cmdr, Lt Col, Lt Gen, Midshipman, Mlle, Monsieur, Monsignor,
Mother, Pastor, Petty Officer, Professor, Senor, Senora, Senorita, Sgt,
Sgt Mjr, Shaikha (for a female shaikh, or sheikh), Sheikh, Shriman (an
Indian honorific, for one blessed by Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of
wealth, wisdom, luck, and other good things), Sister, Sqdn Ldr, Sqn
Ldr, Sub Lt, Sultan, Swami, The Countess, The Dowager, The Duchess, The
Marquis, The Matron, The Rev Canon, the Reverend, The Rt Hon, The Ven,
The Very Revd, Ven, Ven Dr, Very Revd, Vice Admiral, Viscount, and

I thought you’d want to know.

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