New Staff at the OTR

The Online Travel Review welcomes two new staff members to the OTR team:  Sage Lanter Blank and Scarlett Jules Blank joined the OTR team today at 12:19pm and 12:23pm.  Weighing in at just under 6 pounds each, they’re a huge addition to the OTR, even though they don’t really know anything about airlines yet.  Even so, I did think it was rather fitting that instead of writing Blank Twin A on Sage’s crib, hospital staff abbreviated it Blank TWA.  I couldn’t have made that up…

Mom’s also doing great…

We’ll be back on Monday (or maybe Tuesday) with all new airline related stuff.


  1. Dammit, why do these “staff members” have to keep me from my updates on flights from Kansas City to Bahrain?

    Oh, and congratulations.

  2. Congrats! Twins!!! Awesome dude… make sure you take good care of their mom… she’ll need it, and deserves it over the next few weeks!!!

  3. Wow! Wow!

    Mazal tov,