$33 Business Class Ticket from Toronto to Larnaca, Cyprus

You may remember that Travelocity gave away a bunch of tickets from LA to Fiji after it mistakenly posted a $0 fare on its website.  Well, there was a similar glitch yesterday (thanks to Flyertalk for all of this):  Orbitz, Cheaptickets (and others) had a $33 round trip fare from Toronto to Larnaca, Cyprus, in business class on Alitalia.  Yes, business class.  Lots of people jumped on this (my wife, who is about 14 months pregnant, wouldn’t let me buy a ticket).  By the end of the day, Orbitz (and/or Alitalia) had cancelled many of the reservations.  But not all.  It’s a fun read some of the (as of now) more than 1200 posts on the topic.  I’ll let you know if Orbitz cancels all of the reservations, because then there’s going to be a lot of crying over at Flyertalk.

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