Malaysia Airlines to Cut 6,500 Jobs

If you thought that only US airlines are in trouble, take a look at the sad story of Malaysia Airlines.  Once a vibrant domestic and international carrier, the airline has faced an onslaught in its domestic market from Air Asia, which has taken the Ryanair model of all-but giving away a good chunk of its tickets.  After making small changes here and there, Malaysia Airlines announced a massive overhaul of its operations, eliminating 6,500 jobs (about a quarter of its workforce) and turning over 96 of its 115 domestic routes to Air Asia.  The carrier will also reduce its fleet by half.  If you can imagine American basically turning over its Dallas operations to Southwest, that’s what happened here.  That all said, Malaysia still has a world-class premium international product, so it won’t be disappearing from international travel any time soon.

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