Despite Injuries, A380 Test Called a Success

The superjumbo A380 passed its passenger evacuation test over the weekend, despite injuries to 32 people including one with a broken leg.  To receive certification, 873 passengers had to be able to depart the aircraft in 90 seconds.  This milestone was achieved, though passengers did suffer injuries (the test was conducted in complete darkness, so it’s not particularly surprising that people would get hurt).  Airbus said it was happy with the results of the trial and that they still expect the new plane to launch by the end of 2006.


  1. I can’t believe that’s all the information they are giving out (i read the article). Where did they get these people from? Are they paid? If so, how much? Do they train for this? Are they told up front, “there’s a 4% chance you are gonna get hurt”?

  2. what I would love to know is where do they get the people to volunteer for being evacuees? I bet there is a screenplay somewhere there… it can’t be that lucrative can it? would love otr to tell me more on this one.