Airline Food in India: Chicken and Eggs Are Back!

If you’ve been flying around India lately (and who hasn’t?) you may have noticed that you couldn’t get chicken or eggs on your flight.  Or maybe you didn’t notice.  It doesn’t matter.  The foods had been pulled from airline menus due to fears about transmitting bird flu.  Worry no longer.  Indian carriers are putting chicken and eggs back on their menus.  Indian Airlines was the first to return the poultry to the air on Monday, with Jet Airways following suit today.  I’m not sure why I thought you should know this.


  1. Well now I’m all jacked up and want to travel to/from India. Any idea where i can find some good deals?

  2. I found myself laughing out loud at the funny tone of this post (thanks for that), and then caught myself. Avian flu is serious stuff, and it freaks me out!

  3. Well, travelin’ Doug, if that is your real name, you can get off your couch, head over to the computer, wipe off the fried chicken crumbs, skip over the porn, and head over to for India’s best travel deals.

  4. travelin' doug

    Frog the release tall!