AirTran and Delta Fight Over On Time Performance

AirTran and Delta are in a bit of a pissing match after Delta put out a press release saying that their on-time performance topped that of AirTran in Atlanta.  While this is true, it was overshadowed by Delta’s announcement yesterday that it lost $300 million in January.  Well done.  Anyway, in response, AirTran put out a wonderfully bitchy press release ripping on Delta for their overall operations, noting: "Based on the most recent
DOT report, Delta was 21 percent more likely to cancel your flight, 64 percent
more likely to lose your bag, an astounding 1,440 percent more likely to bump
you against your will and, I suppose, not surprisingly, Delta customers
complain 93 percent more about their Delta flights and service than AirTran

The release concluded: "So if you don’t need to get there and don’t really like your luggage, fly

Damn, that’s good stuff.


  1. I think there’s a PR lessoned to be learned from this one. Something like “don’t directly compare your product to a competitor’s unless it’s REALLY superior.” I’m generally not a fan of “bitchy press releases,” but I think AirTran’s is both justified and brilliant in this case.