New Site to Publish Travel Specials for India

I’m excited to announce that we’ve launched a new site that publishes travel specials for travelers in India. is a bit of a departure from the OTR (in that I hope it will actually be a viable business) — we’re working with airlines, hotels and tour operators to bring together great travel deals for India’s fast growing traveling population. 

If you have friends in India, I’d greatly appreciate it if you let them know about our new project — there are fantastic deals available for travel throughout the Indian Subcontinent and Asia.  Plus a free weekly newsletter.  What more could you want from a website? 

Wish us luck!

If you have any questions or want to advertise on it (please!), feel free to shoot me an email.


  1. Wait, really?? This is so fun. I need to hear more….

  2. Congratulations on building a nice, simple and easy to use website! They are so rare these days.

    Just to let you know, I have featured your site on my travel industry blog –