Ryanair Pooh-Poohs Expose of Its Operations

Ryanair has always been able to turn negative publicity into a positive spin, and today is no exception.  The airline faced scrutiny in an expose by Britain’s Channel 4, that had reporters posing undercover as Ryanair employees to get scoop on the airline’s operations.  As you might imagine, it wasn’t pretty.  On the program(me) staff complained about dirty planes, fatigue, and lax security screening.  Hardly makes you feel good about flying Ryanair.

Of course, Ryanair fought back, releasing 3 million free* seats (making you once again feel good about flying Ryanair) ["free" does not include the $25 or so worth of taxes, etc], and taking out an advert(isement) in newspapers apologizing.  They were apologizing to other airlines for stealing their customers.  I love these guys.

You can read Ryanair’s responses to the allegations here.

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