SAS to Offer Live Television

SAS, the Scandanavian airline, will offer four channels of live television on its long-haul flights beginning January 23.  This service is offered through its on-board wireless broadband service, which is available on every long haul flight.  $26.95 will get you wireless broadband and the four channels of TV (which show up on your computer) for the duration of the flight.  My wife flew them recently and used the in-flight broadband and said it was a great way to pass the time when she wasn’t sleeping.  Which is what she’ll do when she’s in any moving vehicle for more than 8 seconds.  (You probably didn’t need to know that, but in case she and I ever get divorced and you end up marrying her, you should know that about her.)


  1. I prefer to say that I am a nice, quiet and easy travel companion.

  2. I couldn’t agree more.