Luxury Carrier Eos Announces Loyalty Program

All first-class carrier Eos Airlines, which flies between New York in London in a 48-seat Boeing 757, announced its new loyalty program yesterday.  It’s pretty simple:  a round trip ticket gets you $150 toward a bunch of items, including airline tickets on any airline, Thomas Pink shirts, spa treatments and Bose sound systems.  It’s similar (I guess) to American Express Membership Rewards, though Eos’ program allows for unrestricted use of the rewards on other airlines.  After flying Eos for the first time, you’ll get bonus points worth $800.  Not too shabby.

Eos is also offering a $3,500 round trip fare if you book 42 days out.  Remember that service is comparable to first class (not business class) on other airlines, so this fare is a steal.  By "steal" I mean it’s aabout $3,100 more than I would pay for a ticket to London.  But some people (and, primarily, some people’s companies) will pay for the nicer seats. 


  1. I am glad to see eos doing something different with their frequent flyer program. This is much more appealing and necessary since they have such a limited route structure.