Nigeria Trying to Clean Up Its Aviation Industry

Nigeria’s government is taking its first steps to clean up its aviation industry’s miserable safety record.  Following two plane crashes in seven weeks in which more than 200 people were killed, the notoriously corrupt government has said enough is enough.  Or at least it has decided to make a visible change to its international airport in Lagos.  The government will clear a large swatch of thick forest and ponds that surrounds the airport, in anticipation of a safety audit of Nigeria’s aviation infrastructure being done later this year.  The area around the airport, according to Nigeria’s aviation administration, "is a vast forest where activities such as palm wine tapping, bushmeat hunting, quarry and other activities thrive."  (bushmeat hunting?) 

Nigeria’s air travel has grown rapidly–doubling over the past six years–with little-to-no increase in infrastructure spending.  Money that was earmarked for infrastructure, according to the aviation office, was spent on "various supplies such as fitness kits, jogging kits… furniture, uniforms, and liquid soap."  (jogging kits?)

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