British Airways to Overhaul UK Operations

To combat increasing pressures from lowfare carriers, British Airways has announced that it will eliminate business class service on all short-haul routes out of the UK (except some from Heathrow and Gatwick) and has reduced fares to as low as GBP25 for flights within Europe.  British Airways will also begin charging for food on these routes, which I find sad for some reason as (at one time) BA was considered the gold standard for service. 

The crazy part is that BA is eliminating all frills and charging GBP25, while Ryanair is flying the same routes with the same lack of frills for at little as GBP .01.  Without the frills, why bother flying BA?  (that was rhetorical—lots of people hate the lowcost carriers and can’t be bothered with their cattle call mentality.  BA also has a strong frequent flyer program(me) that no frills carriers can’t match).

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