$89 Fares to Iceland

Fares to Iceland keep getting cheaper.  Icelandair has an unadvertised $89 each way fare from New York or Boston to Reykjavik through March.  Please go.  I may even beg my rather pregnant wife about taking advantage of this one.  Or not.  But if your wife isn’t about to have twins, you really should visit—I’ve never seen fares this low.

In any case, you have to sign up for Lucky Fares to see the fares (they don’t show up in the regular fare listings).


  1. I don’t see this one, at least from JFK, on the Icelandair website. Is there some promo code or something?

  2. Sorry about that…I just changed the post to note that you have to sign up for Lucky Fares to see the fares. My bad.

  3. thanks. Unfortunately, the “tax” came out to an additional $144.47, making it not so special for winter travel.

  4. BTW, my current favorite transatlantic bargain is from LaGuardia to Paris on USAirways — under $300 roundtrip including the taxes. After your stopover in the City of Lights, you can continue on to Turin where the Winter Olympics are being held. Easyjet has some availability during that time at less than 10 Euros each way, plus tax. The Wall Street Journal yesterday said there’s plenty of ticket and hotel availability this year for the Olympics. (Hotels, b&bs and homestays are likely to be cheapest if you just show up in Turin and ask at the Olympic office).

    Alas, my own schedule doesn’t permit the trip, but one of the best vacations I ever had was going to the winter olympics in Albertville, France a decade ago. The Italians should do just as good a job.

  5. Agreed, the “tax” is nuts. But $320 is still pretty solid, and there’s nowhere quite like Reykjavik.

    And I agree about the Olympics—one of my first big trips at a teenager was to the Calgary Olympics in ’88. The Olympics are an amazing experience.

  6. Not only a great experience going to the Olympics but also a great early flying experience in Jared’s life. We flew to Calgary from Newark with stops in Houston and Dallas, in first class as I remember, and free with our father’s miles.
    Oh, and apparently I drove Jared nuts.

  7. My family and I are planning a trip to Iceland in April. I have been a subscriber to Lucky Fares for a few years, but unfortunetly never made note of the prices they have offered during the month of April or even into May. Would anyone recall? At this time the lowest price is $422 plus taxes and fees when flying out of BOS…still kind of steep! Any insight would be appreciated!