Maradona Detained at Rio Airport

Fallen soccer great Diego Maradona was detained at Rio de Janiero’s airport after he and his posse tried to board a flight back to Argentina after gate agents closed the doors to the plane.  According to an article:

They damaged a door in the passageway to the plane and forced open a
second door before police arrived, the airline said in a statement.

In Buenos Aires, the Argentine star denied he turned violent but
admitted he shouted insults at a security guard who Maradona said
pointed a gun at his face.

"I didn’t destroy anything. If we had broken something, we wouldn’t be
here," Maradona said during a press conference, adding the guard
apparently "thought we had guns."

"I told him ‘Go ahead a shoot if you want to be famous’ and  they accused me of disobeying the police," he said.

Don’t worry, soccer fans, he made it back home to Argentina, where he continued hating Americans in peace.


  1. can’t believe you didn’t make a “hand of god” joke here.

  2. Hand of God joke = crazy delicious

  3. I’m surprised he found the time to leave Cuba. I guess he really misses mcdonalds. Anyone who has seen him knows he loves mcdonalds and it shows. : )