Life and Death Policies

Two stories addressing the life and death policies of airlines:

Life:  A woman on a flight from Fresno to San Francisco was asked by a flight attendant to stop breast feeding her baby because it was making other passengers uncomfortable.  The flight attendant later said that it was the policy of the airline—Skywest, operating as United Express— to ban on-board public breast feeding.  Apparently she was wrong. In any case, I really, really wish this had happened on Hooters Air, but it didn’t.  I’m not even entirely sure why this was news.  But there ya go.

Death:  Northwest Airlines has a bereavement fare program where you can get a discounted fare if a close family member dies.  Well, because airlines cannot possibly have any goodwill whatsoever, Northwest now requires the passenger to enroll in its frequent flyer program to be eligible for the fare.  It’s almost as if they want people to hate them.


  1. I just count my blessings I do not have any relatives that live where only NW flys.