Man Killed By Air Marshalls After Bomb Threat

You’ve probably read this already (because I sure as hell hope you’re not getting your news from me), but a guy was shot and killed by air marshalls in Miami after he said he had a bomb in his carry-on bag. The man, who is reportedly bipolar and had not taken his medication, was connecting to an American Airlines flight in Miami after a flight from Colombia.

In typical overreaction, I’m looking forward to psychological screening in addition to the normal belt-n-shoe removal at the airport. Sir, please remove your shoes. And do you hear voices telling you to do terrible things? And take out your laptop. And do you sometimes feel the world is out to get you? And has anyone unknown given you a package. Or a lobotomy.



    An unfortunate incident, especially since the still early accounts suggest that the man was only a threat to himself. Probably no real way for the air marshals to know that, however. It will be an interesting investigation.

    On a positive note, perhaps it will serve as an additional deterrent to any would-be terrorist. It certainly shows that the air marshals will kill you if they feel a need to do so. Of course, that possibility doesn’t seem to deter that many “real” terrorists these days.