$99 to Iceland

It’s not advertised, but Icelandair has $99 fares from New York, Baltimore and Boston to Reykjavik, Iceland, in January.  Now, you’re probably thinking that they would have to pay YOU $99 to go to Iceland in January, but it’s nicer than you think.  Not much nicer, but nicer nonetheless.  There’s little snow since some sort of wind-related something keeps the temperatures in the low-to-mid 30s.  Except when the winds kick up, then you want to die.  I would be going, but it seems a bit rude to leave the six-months-pregnant wife at home while I go play in the cold.  Unless she reads this and tells me to go, then I’m off.  But probably not.


  1. Please ask your wife if the two of us can go to Iceland and have some smelts. They are wonderful at this time of year. Perhaps a group of us can go on a “smelt and herring retreat.”

  2. I’m in! Then on to the hot waters of the blue lagoon!